Top 7 ways Sales and Marketing executives across the world can use Google Workspace to make their life easier.

1. Creating Lead Magnets or making Contract Forms

Use Google Docs to create content easy & fast, get real-time feedback by sharing with your team. The comment feature allows your team members to share their views and make the content ready to post.

Also creating the client agreements and sharing…

Do you know what a Unicorn🦄is?

No, I am not talking about the imaginary creature from any fairy tales.

They are the ones with Unique Abilities💪.

They are the real multi-taskers, who can do excellent storytelling, convincing, influencing, negotiating, educating, developing extraordinary relationships and many more😎.

They have deep knowledge…

Top 5 Books on sales

Sales is all about having new experiences with new clients each day and learning from them to grow your skills and when it comes to learning a wise person is one who learns from the experiences of others. WHY?

Learning from the experiences of others helps you save your Time…

Sales forecasting tools and tips

Today we are going to talk about Sales Forecasting — a unique way of analyzing how much revenue you can generate in the coming month, quarter or year by simply applying some basic tools & techniques.

Why is it necessary to forecast the sales?

For Startups, sales forecasting is critical…

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An universal seller, helping people to uplift their sales skills & close more deals. Having a mindset to explore new ways of solving every problem.

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