Top 7 ways Sales and Marketing executives across the world can use Google Workspace to make their life easier.

1. Creating Lead Magnets or making Contract Forms

Use Google Docs to create content easy & fast, get real-time feedback by sharing with your team. The comment feature allows your team members to share their views and make the content ready to post.

Also creating the client agreements and sharing them in the for of PDF becomes a easy process just by downloading it in the PDF format and removes the efforts of converting the files.

The most fascinating fact is that you don’t have to save after making every edit as all your changes get auto saved and you can also check the History of changes later.

Use: Google Docs

2. Access those important files anytime using any device

Sales persons can really get into panic if they are not able to access all those necessary client contracts and documents that the client can ask for anytime. Either in office or away from your PC you need to store them online and Google Cloud Storage comes to the rescue for that.

Once you store a file on Google Drive you can even use the shared drive to give access to it to your team members and edit them on any device.

Use: Google Drive & Shared Drives

3. Connect with clients anywhere & anytime

The more easily your clients can connect with you and discuss their needs the more is the chances of closing the deals. With Google Meet it’s easy & fast to connect with your clients at the time of your convenience.

Also working remotely with a scattered sales team Google Meet helps you to remain in touch across the globe while saving time and travel costs. Also, the meetings & training sessions can be recorded to make it available later.

Use: Google Meet

4. Collecting Data and getting feedback

“Data is the new oil” but how to extract that for your product or service?

In order to get quick results without getting involved into complex data analysis simply create online surveys with Google Forms. Also get responses in real time and use graphs & charts for analyzing it with Google Sheets.

Use: Google Forms & Google Sheets

5. Create impactful presentations

No one needs to be told about the power of a beautifully designed and well-crafted Presentation. Either it is for your next client meeting or for demonstrating the overall achievements and plans for the coming months, when you have a great presentation, you can easily win the hearts of your audience. So, Google Slides has all in it for you to craft your key messages and graphics into an impactful presentation.

Use: Google Slides

6. Scheduling meetings with clients & team members

Meetings are the part & parcel of my job and most of the sales people like me and what can be the best way to schedule and track them other than Google Calendar.

So many times, the notification feature of Google Calendar has saved me from missing those important client meetings and I believe it has a big role to play in converting those deals.

Also, while working remotely, it’s hard to match the timings of your team members but checking their availability & booking their calendar beforehand always helps me to remain connected. You too can create a team calendar in Google Calendar to keep everyone up to speed on promotions, campaign deadlines, and schedules.

Use: Google Calendar

7. Organize all your important emails easily

After using Yahoo, Outlook and various other email accounts I feel Gmail is the most user-friendly Email Account to manage for us.

As I mostly connect with my clients on mail and sending 250–200 mails a day, I prefer to use the scheduling feature more as per the timing when the chances to get them viewed by the client is the higher.

Also, you can set up filters and labels to find and respond to important email more quickly.

Use: Gmail

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